Delaware Stalking Defense Lawyer

An accusation of harassing or stalking a person can be very serious charges. It rises to a felony crime with a possible prison term if there was a restraining order in place, the victim is a minor or elderly, or the behavior escalates to bodily harm.

I am Francis Farren, a criminal law attorney with experience defending men (or women) who are charged with criminal harassment or stalking. As a former deputy attorney general, I can gauge whether the prosecutor has reasonable grounds for the charges and how best to fight the allegation.

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Delaware Harassment Defense Attorney

Harassment is any act that is meant to harass, annoy, taunt or scare someone: calling a person's phone over and over, obscene phone calls, nasty notes on windshields, provoking an outburst or a fight. Harassment is a class A misdemeanor unless there are enhancing factors.

Stalking is a course of conduct (three or more separate acts) that puts someone in fear of physical danger or causes the person mental anguish: following, peeping, filming, obtaining personal information, sexually explicit text messages, unwelcome phone calls.

Stalking is a class G felony, punishable by up to two years in jail. It becomes a class F felony:

  • If the victim is under age 14 (and the stalker is 21 or older)
  • If the victim is age 62 or older
  • If the victim had obtained a no-contact order against the person
  • For threats of death or serious injury, or actual physical harm

Stalking rises to a class C felony if it involves a deadly weapon or serious bodily injury.

Any person who commits the offense of Stalking by engaging in a course of conduct which includes any act or acts which have previously been prohibited by a then-existing court order or sentence shall receive a minimum mandatory sentence of 6 months in prison (not subject to suspension). Any person who was convicted of stalking within 5 years of a prior conviction of stalking shall receive a minimum mandatory prison sentence of 1 year in prison (not subject to suspension).

Is Your Freedom on the Line?

Violating a no-contact order carries a minimum term of six months in jail. Prior convictions for stalking within the last five years require a mandatory sentence of one year in prison. My goal is to get unfounded charges dropped or reduced, or to negotiate a favorable plea that avoids or minimizes jail time.

Do police and prosecutors have the wrong person? Have they misconstrued innocent behavior? Is the victim making up stories to carry out a grudge? My criminal defense practice is devoted to protecting your rights and your freedom with all my skill and energy.

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