Murder or Manslaughter

Skilled Defense for Murder Charges or Unintentional Death

If you are a suspect in the violent death of another person, it is critical to assert your constitutional rights. Don't admit anything or agree to a search. Don't try to give an explanation or give any statements to police without first talking to an attorney.

My name is Francis Farren. I formerly prosecuted murder cases as a deputy attorney general in New Castle and Kent counties, including capital murder. Since 2006, I have practiced solely in criminal defense, representing the accused throughout the state of Delaware.

If you or a family member has been arrested or questioned in connection with a homicide, contact me immediately for a free legal consultation.

Delaware Murder Defense Lawyer

Experienced in the criminal justice system for over 24 years, I understand criminal charges from both sides of the law. I know how police investigate deaths and where they make mistakes or overstep their authority. I know how the prosecution builds its case, and therefore how to challenge the evidence and cross-examine witnesses.

As a prosecutor, I took homicide cases to trial, including a capital murder. As a criminal defense attorney I can capably represent you on any allegations:

  • First degree murder (intentional)
  • Second degree murder (heat of passion)
  • Felony murder (in the commission of a robbery, rape or other felony)
  • Manslaughter (reckless or negligent actions resulting in death)
  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • Child abuse resulting in death

I explore all legitimate defenses to get cases dropped, charges reduced or evidence suppressed. Was it self-defense or defense of another? Were you provoked into a violent confrontation? Did you believe your life was in danger? Did police have a warrant? Did they read you your rights? What physical evidence ties you to the person's death? Are witnesses getting a special deal to testify against you?

I understand that you are fighting for your freedom, or maybe your life in a death penalty murder. I will do everything in my power to avoid a conviction as charged, including taking your case to a jury or negotiating a favorable plea that prevents or limits prison time.

Contact a Delaware Manslaughter Defense Attorney

You aren't convicted of anything yet, and you have the right to an attorney for any questioning, court proceedings or negotiations. I invite the accused or family members to call me ASAP at 855-566-8484 to schedule a free in-office consultation.