Delaware Juvenile Crime Attorney

Young people are certainly capable of committing the same crimes as adults. Whether the crime is minor or major, misdemeanor or felony, the record of such charges or convictions can affect the course of a young person's life long into the future.

An arrest for a juvenile crime is not the end of the world. Properly handled by an experienced and knowledgeable juvenile crime lawyer, such crimes can be managed, and their effects on the lives of the accused minimized.

At my practice, the Law Offices of Francis E. Farren, I defend juveniles facing criminal charges. In doing so, my goals are to protect their rights and minimize the potential harm that convictions could have on their lives and careers.

I represent juvenile clients accused of all types of crimes, such as:

  • Drug charges, including possession of marijuana and other substances and drug dealing
  • DUI and related impaired driving offenses
  • Underage drinking
  • Traffic violations
  • Violent crimes, including third degree assault
  • Criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, and menacing behavior
  • Internet crimes and hacking
  • Felonies
  • Property crimes
  • And others

Alternative Sentencing Programs

I believe in providing the very best defense for my clients. Whenever the circumstances and facts of the case allow it, this means seeking a dismissal of the charges or if it comes to that, victory at trial. However, in most juvenile cases, especially when they are first-time juvenile offenses, alternatives to conviction exist which can minimize or negate the effect of the event on the person's education and career prospects.

As a former prosecutor with the Delaware Attorney General's office for eight years, I negotiated countless plea agreements and alternative sentencing arrangements for juvenile offenders. I have a comprehensive understanding of both the available programs and how the court and prosecutors will respond to an alternative sentencing proposal made by the defense.

Available alternatives to conviction and a permanent record include arbitration, probation before judgment, and military service. If the juvenile accepts a, "adjudicated delinquent" plea, the conviction can be removed from the person's permanent record, provided that certain conditions are met.

Many prominent and successful people have had a run in with the law as juveniles. At my practice, I help juvenile clients deal successfully with juvenile crime charges and their aftermath.

For a free initial consultation with a juvenile crime lawyer at the Law Offices of Francis E. Farren, call 855-566-8484 or 302-525-0087 or contact us online.